Get the most out of low impact exercises with these 5 hacks

Easy on the joints. Fluid in motion. Gentle on the body.
Walking, swimming and aerobics are examples of low impact exercises. Exercises that although puts stress on your body, you don’t risk getting injured.
But don’t be fooled. Just because it’s ‘low impact’ does not mean it’s less effective. You can also build strength and muscle with low impact exercises.
Bodyweight exercises such as pushups, squats and sit-ups are low impact exercises.
Remember, it’s ‘low impact’ as long as the exercise doesn’t put too much stress on your joints.
Here are 5 hacks to increase the effectiveness of your low impact workouts.

1. Timed Recovery

You don't have to stress over how much weight you need to start feeling the burn. Your body weight is perfect enough to supplement your daily fitness needs.
‘Rep-it-out’ until each set is increasingly harder. The key is to pay attention. Pay attention to what your body is saying.
Once you feel the need to take a break, take a break! It's okay. Rest and let your body recover. Time your breaks and rehydrate. Do this after every set.

2. Proper form is power

Not only are you reducing the amount of unnecessary stress your body is taking, with the proper form you also engage the right muscles. Making your exercise routine more efficient and effective.

And by the way, the more muscles you use the more calories you burn.


3. Minimalist

Most low impact exercises don't need heavy equipment. Sure, most times body weight training is enough. But the right equipment can boost your program’s results

Treadmills, free-weights or even skip ropes make mundane exercises more challenging.

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4. Who won the rabbit or the turtle?

The beauty of low impact exercise is that you’re training your body at a steady pace. Once you think your routine is too easy, increase the difficulty of your exercise.

Be careful not to get too comfortable. Getting comfortable leads to plateauing. And once you've plateaued, it's harder to see progress.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

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5. Low doesn't mean low

Low impact doesn't mean low quality. When done right, low impact exercises are just as effective as high impact exercises.

Remember, the only difference is the stress it puts on your joints. Both are equally effective. What matters more is how your goals look like. 

Keep these steps in mind and see how effective low impact exercise can be.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone your muscles or boost your mood, low impact exercise helps you achieve your goals.
Before you go on your next exercise routine, remember goal setting makes a difference. Ask yourself what goals you want to conquer. Then give it your all.
Step-by-step. One day at a time.
Fitness isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon.

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