How to do compound chest workouts at home

In this blog, I will take you through my usual chest day routine. I'm going to highlight the use of the PushBoard and how it adds a compound system to your push day.


Compound Workouts

It’s easy to do compound workouts at the gym. Incline bench, dumbbells, bars and seated machine press machines make working out easier. Unfortunately, We don't have that luxury at home.

At home, there is limited space. We can only install up to two or three workout equipment. That is why we ought to use equipment that saves the most space and impacts our workouts more. A good example are resistance bands. Easy to store and very versatile.

At first, I didn’t know how to use them. So I started watching videos on how to train with resistance bands. I had to familiarize myself to new workout positions. I even had to consult with my personal trainer. I was so unsure of what to do that I needed to ask him for coaching.

Unlike resistance bands, you don’t need to do research to work out with the PushBoard. It’s as easy as making spaghetti. Just follow the colors, workout and most importantly, keep proper form.

Proper form allows you to engage the right muscles. It keeps your core tight enhancing stability. And reduces the stress you exert on your joints - especially your wrists.

By exercising proper form, you'll never have a problem doing daily essential tasks.

Proper form is power!


Push day program 1

This is the current program I am using with the PushBoard. The first time I got back to exercising, the most I could do was ten pushups. By my second set, I am already struggling to do the fifth and sixth reps.

After a week with the PushBoard, I got up to ten reps on three sets. I'm still struggling to do ten reps on the fourth set. But I'll get there. I know it’s not much but that’s some improvement! My goal is that by the end of January, I’ll be able to do fifteen to twenty reps on each set.

The key to effective workouts is proper form. My trainer always tells me that time under tension with any movement is beneficial. What does this mean? It's simple. Every time you do a repetition, do it slow, controlled and as steady as you can.


Set 1 - Stretch

Always stretch before working out. Not only does it loosen your joints, but it also increases your heart rate. Good stretching is key. Having a good stretch session can make all the difference in the world. You start to feel warm, amped and loose.

Stretch any way you want. I recommend focusing on stretch exercises that engage the chest muscles. I mean it's push day!


Set 2 - 4 sets of pushups. - 7-10 reps/set

Good old pushups. Remember; time under tension. Do it as slow, controlled and as steady as you can. Keep your core tight and push with your chest. I cannot emphasize it enough, proper form is power!



Compound workouts with color codes

A friendly reminder to keep loose and stretch between sets. Remember to take your time and rest. I find that 90 seconds of break between sets is optimal. Our bodies are all different. So listen and adapt to your body's needs.


Set 3 - Green

4 sets of 7-10 reps

What better way to start push day with the classic combo of triceps and chest. I usually do one set of each pattern. I start with the pattern at the top. Then I work my way to the bottom.

The wider your angle, the more you use your chest muscles. The closer the angle, the more you engage your supplemented muscles. In this case your triceps.

If you think it's too easy and you don't feel the intensity, just relax. Take your time. Stretch or take deep breaths. I guarantee that you will start to feel the burn pretty soon.

At some point in the video, I switched from putting my weight on my toes to putting my weight on my knees. It can get pretty challenging!

And it's okay. Listen to your body and adapt. If you have to reduce the reps, go ahead. If you want to switch stances, no problem. 

As long as you keep your back straight and focus on form. You can get the most out of the workout. 


Set 4 - Red

3 sets of 6-9 reps

By this point I'm already sweating like there is no tomorrow. I'm also starting to feel my strength dissipate. But always remember, progress is never easy. You have to keep pushing no matter how uncomfortable you feel.

If you can’t complete the full ten reps, lower the amount of reps. Do seven or nine. Just don’t stop. Take your breaks. Drink lots of water. You can do it!

With the PushBoard+, you can superset with extra shoulder workouts. With the bungee cords, isolate your deltoids and do seven to ten reps of deltoid flies. This workout will shape and tone your shoulders even more. 


Set 5 - Green

3 sets of 5-8 reps

The last uphill climb. My rep count is lower because my muscles are already crying in pain. But I have to finish strong! Keep stretching, take the necessary breaks and rehydrate LOTS.

This last set adds more depth to your chest muscles. Although it adds a layer of back exercise, the effects are still chest dominant. This workout engages the muscles closer to your clavicle and a bit of your LATS (Latissimus Dorsi). In a way this is the cherry on top of your push day at home.


Set 6 - Stretch and drink lots of water

There is no life without water. So rehydrate and stretch to jumpstart your body’s recovery process. I find that stretching after workouts help relax my tight muscles. It eases the stress and tension. Stretching also keeps your joints loose and mobile.

Consistency is key. It's always painful at first. But this is how you get better.  I usually do 2 days a week of push day/chest day. I do my first push day every Monday. After all, Monday is international chest day! Then I do my second set two or three days later.

As you get better, these workouts will become easier. Increase your reps or your sets for more challenge. The secret is listening to your body. And pushing yourself to do better. Even if you're only adding one extra rep. This will raise your workout’s intensity and will prevent you from plateauing.

Till next time! Stay tuned for the end of January. Sign up to our community to find out if I've achieved my goal of 15-20 push-up reps. 

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