One goal. One Community. Endless possibilities.

Karen Lujean Nyberg, Gordon Ramsay and Taylor Swift. These three icons all have something in common.
No, it’s not that they’re all famous and well respected in their fields.
And no, it’s also not that they’re all blonde.
Karen Lujean Nyberg is one of only 65 women to have flown to space. If you ask me, that’s a pretty good achievement. The closest I’ve ever been to space was on my last flight to South Korea. That’s probably the closest I’ll ever get. Unless of course, the technology for commercial space flight improves. Even then, I can only hope to have enough funds to catch a flight. But hey, nothing is impossible right?
Who doesn't know Gordon Ramsay? The hotheaded British chef who tears his employee’s hearts out with his military style kitchen training. Famous for his strictness and explosive kitchen antics. Having worked in a kitchen before, I know what it's like to be around such characters. It's no doubt stressful. But it does make for good entertainment.
How about Taylor Swift? An American songbird whose songs touch your heart and make you dance. I personally like her older songs. I’m not going to lie, I still listen to Romeo and Juliet until now. It's catchy and touching. It reminds me of my past loves. What can I do? I have a soft spot for romance.
An astronaut, a chef and a pop star. What could they all have in common?

Teamwork makes the dream work

The secret to every successful human endeavor is a group of people who share the same goals. But more importantly, a group of people that work towards that same goal. 
No doubt that by themselves, these individuals would have still enjoyed a level of success. The same goes for us all. We all have skills and talents that are unique and special.
Once we choose to pursue a goal, no doubt we’ll be able to achieve it with hard-work and perseverance.
Being part of a team. Being part of a community that motivates, inspires and enhances the potential within each of us is a sure way of achieving goals better than anyone could all by themselves.
Could Karen have built a space shuttle by herself? Perhaps? But how long would it take?
If Gordon Ramsay did not have an army of chefs under his belt, would he be able to manage more than one restaurant? If he could, that’d be a miracle. Sign me up for his next TV show! I'd pay to see that.
What if Taylor Swift didn't have great producers, who would make her songs catchier? Without them, would her songs still be as good even after 10 years?

The Shapes Community

The same goes for each of us. We cannot accomplish our goals without the help of a team.
Sure, we can keep designing equipment that will help you build nicer abs. But if having nicer abs won't benefit you, what's the point of having it? The same goes for you. You can buy workout equipment somewhere else. But would they give you the same results as ours? After all, how would you know how to use it best if no one is there to show you how?
And that is why a community is just as important as having breakfast. Without it, there is no fuel to drive our most ambitious pursuits. I don't know about you but every time I miss breakfast, my days are just not the same.
Together we can help each other. With a community not only do we get a sense of belonging and a sense of inspiration. But like Karen, Gordon and Taylor, we have the opportunity to work together towards a common goal.
Our goal is to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle through exercise that is accessible for everyone. For us to live that goal, we need to help each other. Inspire each other. Motivate each other. And drive each other to be better everyday. 

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