What 2020 taught me and how 2021 can be better

It's that time of the year again!

It's always a pleasure to plan and re-evaluate myself. After all, planning for the bigger picture is what makes us, us. Ever heard of the old adage, ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail?’

It’s also around this time of the year that I often ponder,  “where do I see myself in the future? Maybe in the next 10 months? 5 years… 30 even?”. This helps me recollect and gather my thoughts. 


2020 was a crazy year

But despite the craziness, I learned a lot. 2020 taught me how to challenge myself. It taught me that even though life is crazy, no challenge is too great to overcome. 

2020 has given me inspiration. Inspirations that help shape the values I live by. Here are some of my personal milestones during this crazy year.


The blueprint to success

Last year I challenged myself to create a brand new program. A program where I would progressively improve my cardiovascular endurance - cardio for short. 

Like all worthwhile endeavors, the start is always the most challenging. The first time I ran a mile, it took me thirteen minutes. Then it hit me. 

I have got to do better.

So I ran. Then I ran some more. 

After two weeks of grueling yet dedicated training, I cut that time in half. From a mile in thirteen minutes to a mile in seven minutes! So I figured, why not raise the stakes?  After a month and a half, I also achieved the illustrious  “5K sub 20”. 


Photo above: The third day I decided to push myself harder.


I wanted more

Determined to outdo myself, I challenged myself more. For a hundred days, I cut-off all unnecessary influences. Influences like alcohol, cigarettes and other recreational substances.

It was tougher than I expected. But by the end of the challenge, I felt a sense of control and new found determination. Determination to push forward and be even better than yesterday. 

On the hundredth day, I finally let loose. And it was hella satisfying. I didn’t go to a bar or smoke my lungs away. Instead, me and my friends hiked to an off-grid forest in Algonquin, Canada.

It was priceless. Surrounded by my best buds with nothing but fresh air. At night when no one’s awake all you hear are the call of the loons. Way better than getting drunk if you ask me!

 Photo above: Maggie Lake, Algonquin, Canada


Value the challenge

Inspiration comes from overcoming challenges. And the ability to keep striving for your goals no matter what.

I never thought I would run a mile in seven minutes. I never thought I would quit smoking for a hundred days. I never thought I would lose thirty five pounds in the course of only six months in 2018.

I always like to say, with the proper programming you can achieve all your fitness goals. This new year we should adapt that same mentality. May it be for fitness, your job or for any event in your life. Plan your goals and consistently challenge yourself.


After all, Vini Vidi Vici.

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